Health from the Garden

Thank you to Kimberly Bragg-Armatrout, Hillsborough Extension, for providing information on all of the nutrition we get from our gardens.  She encouraged us to include a “rainbow” of colors of fruit and vegetables in our diet. Not only does this add to the visual appeal of your plate but it increases the amount and variety of vitamins, minerals, and protective plant compounds you’re consuming .  For more information go to​


Our 22nd Street Garden is demonstrating that we can grow lots of good food in a small space.  So far we have harvested collards, kale, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, and Swiss Chard.  

But more than that!!  This demonstration garden has inspired others to get one of these half-barrel gardens in their front yard.  

The large half-barrels are constructed to have a water reservoir at the bottom so that the soil remains moist. Each Front Yard Garden has a colorful design painted on it and a colorful sign installed.     

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